GreenBytes holistic approach that encompasses people,processes, technology, and data to ensure the success of their data and analytics initiatives.

  1. Simplification of operating models, with service patterns driven by specific business goals
  2. Composite delivery, which optimizes the route of service, based on five delivery models factory, work package, agile,
    self-service, and service as an intelligent software as well as the digital intelligence landscape
  3. .Detailed governance models complemented by a digitized governance framework
  4. Future-ready frameworks to meet business goals and ensure technology readiness and competency development

GreenByte's Solution

  1.  Service models that prescribe service delivery patterns based on the nature of the program or project
  2. Governance based on interwoven frameworks across the four key result areas of people, process, technology, and data. It provides scenarios for different sizes and topological of data and analytics programs, delivery processes, technology architectures, and data assets.
  3.  Road maps that define key criteria and mechanisms for an unambiguous path to organizational goals. With our Program Road map Framework, we also provide metrics to measure key outcomes.
Our understanding of the linkage of different aspects of data and analytics helps us provide organizations with a framework to manage their programs.
  1. Quickly assess maturity levels of their data and analytics initiatives
  2. Identify technology and competency gaps
  3. Streamline governance and technology structures
  4. Get a futuristic digital road map to meet business goals
  5. Leverage different delivery models synergistic ally

Creating and applying insights and capabilities to deliver business outcomes

AI at scale for transformation

  • AI Activate
  • AI Re-imagine
  • Insight-driven Innovation
  • Data Science Framework

Govern and run the AI driven enterprise

  • Information Governance
  • Applied Insights Center
  • GDPR end-to-end Services

Build and deploy AI platforms & solutions

  • AI Transform
  • New Data Landscape
  • Insights Platform as-a-service
  • Sector & Domain Insights