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In the current environment of global markets and hyper competition, businesses need to leverage IT investments to their full capabilities in order to gain competitive advantage and increase both the efficiency and the effectiveness of their end-to-end business processes. Now more than ever before, businesses are looking for stable, un-interrupted IT applications which support their key business functions and potential growth.

Growing application dependency and dynamism of the enterprise’s business environment require organizations to derive more out of its IT investments in its endeavor to align IT to business objectives. In this context, the need to ensure that your applications are at their peak performance with minimum downtime becomes critical.

GreenByte Application Management portfolio, by leveraging our vast experience in the application space, ensures that your enterprise has a reliable and available application eco-system through proactive 24X7 monitoring and performance tuning.

GreenByte has helped many leading clients across various industries enable this transformation. As a result, GreenByte has developed a deep understanding of the dynamics between business and IT and has created an approach to repeat this success through its Pro-active Application Management Services.

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GreenByte can reduce application management costs by up to 50 percent for certain applications and increase productivity by up to 30 percent—all while fulfilling 99 percent of critical service levels. We improve response and resolution time by up to 20 percent for certain applications. We can also reduce trouble tickets by up to 50 percent and service request backlogs by 65 percent. We also add value to the engagement by:

  • Integrated Service Management Framework: We align our deliverables to business objectives. We use ITIL for process maturity, COBIT for process governance and Six Sigma for continual service improvements to make your processes business centric rather than technology centric.
  • Unified process platform: Our service delivery is based on ITIL framework, serving as a unified process framework to manage all IT applications and related infrastructure.
  • Service-centered Application Management: We provide comprehensive E2E services, rather than merely managing the individual components that constitute them. We evaluate your perceptions and incorporate improvements based on it.