[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Application testing & QA” alignment=”left” margin_design_tab_text=””]While cost continues to be important for QA & Testing Organizations, the main drivers for today’s market are still overall product quality and time to market. Adoption of Agile by both Independent Software Vendors and the Enterprise moves Testing Teams from the formal execution of predominantly manual test cases into a business centric risk-driven approach to testing with focus on requirements validation, automated regression testing, and continuous integration. These changes allow us to deliver products and applications on-time, optimizes testing cycle, increase the number of new features covered, and drive implementation of the “all defects known” paradigm.

Modern infrastructure, connectivity and Internet speeds, a global move toward Mobile and Cloud, as well as user expectations for sub-second response times, combine to drive ever more stringent requirements for the deployment of Cross-Platform compatible, high-performance, high-availability, stable systems.

These factors are transforming Quality Departments, emphasizing more industry specialization, the adoption of modern processes, quality tools and methods, a shift from metrics driven formal models to more agile, outcome based models, and an increased interest in Testing as a Service (TaaS) offerings.


GreenByte operates our Quality Assurance and Testing Division as an independent business unit. We provide standalone and integrated testing services to some of the worlds largest Independent Software Vendors and Enterprise Clients. Our Quality Management System complies with global quality standards such as ISO 9001:2000 and QMMI/CMMI and we employ intelligent defect tracking tools to deliver a comprehensive range of testing services.

While working with some of the most advanced Software Companies in the world, we adopted the best industry standards around Functional Manual and Automated Testing, Performance Testing and Optimization, API testing Security, I18N/L10N, Configuration and Integration Testing, as well as accumulated vast experience across all leading edge tools in testing software.


An understanding of business, industry applications and requirements for specific tools and systems allows us to bring a more specialized focus to each project. We leverage this specialization to build dedicated engineering groups, which provide expert level services and tools/accelerators for specific vertical and horizontal service offerings in product and application testing. Our engagements are all based on our proven standard testing methodology and leverage the GreenByte Global Delivery Ecosystem.

Specialized services include:

  • Specialized Automated Testing Services for Financial Services (FIX)
  • Specialized Automated Testing Services for Travel & Hospitality (OTA)
  • Specialized Product Testing Services for ISV’s
  • Specialized Performance Testing and Optimization Services
  • UI/UX Usability Testing
  • SOA Testing
  • BI and Data Warehouse Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Development of Custom Test Harnesses


Today GreenByte drives QA & Testing Transformation for a number of large enterprises. Our Test Transformation Framework is focused on shifting testing services upstream, integrating development and testing teams, promoting joint knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing, and shifting from pure metrics based reporting to SLA/Outcome-based “Testing as a Service” (TaaS) models.

Our full range of services includes:

  • QA Consulting, Process Engineering, and Testing Transformation
  • Independent Testing Services
  • Manual and Automated Functional Testing
  • Application Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing (performance scalability and optimization)
  • Performance and Scalability Testing
  • Security Testing



We run dozens of all-Scrum projects and incorporate Agile into our internal practices, our tools, and our delivery models. We believe that the adoption of Agile Testing will significantly transform enterprise testing practices and eventually replace many aspects of more traditional QA processes.


“Testing as a Service” (TaaS) is currently being piloted in several GreenByte engagements. In this scenario the testing services are requested and provisioned on a fully turn-key basis. We have had excellent success using this model in our Mobile projects where the requirements for cross-device testing are critical.[/ultimate_heading]