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Is your organization struggling with key business decisions due to lack of information when and where it is needed?


Business Intelligence (or BI) helps predict, track, analyze, and present information as it relates to business performance – it provides the tools your company needs to translate data into actionable information. BI is often defined by the practices and technologies that enable it, such as data analytics, business performance management, data warehousing, dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs). More than a technology, business Intelligence programs require process transformation, new resources and competencies.

Modern enterprises understand that using data to derive insight requires more than operational reporting and financial roll-ups. Today, data is transformed into insight and delivered at the point of need. Information is delivered on demand in right-time, in formats that enable business leaders to act in ways that are beneficial to the business and optimize performance. In this environment, data transcends its transactional role to become a key strategic enabler of an enterprise’s performance and success.

The ability to optimize performance within a company typically depends on a decision-makers’ ability to sense and respond, or in other words, their ability to measure and understand business performance, and then to act upon the information at the right time. When decision-makers are not able to sense correctly or respond quickly, their ability to manage performance deteriorates. This breakdown is typically characterized by not having the information they need at the time critical business decisions are made.


  • Can you relate to your customers in a way that results in a profitable relationship?
  • How can your company reduce the risk of non-compliance and potential financial disasters?
  • What can you do to transform your business into a proactive decision making engine?
  • Would you like to improve workforce productivity at the individual worker level and throughout your workforce?

Business intelligence services that we offer

  • Operational intelligence:enable effective sensing, monitoring, management and analysis of your business.
  • Business performance management (BPM):make critical decisions in business-as-usual, risk events and opportunities.
  • Risk/compliance:monitor regulatory compliance (SOX, Basel II, AML) and risk across divisions and geographies.
  • Threat/fraud detection:predict, mitigate or reduce potentially destructive results.
  • Customer Analytics:manage prospects and customer relationships through the entire lifecycle by leveraging quality information.
  • Workforce productivity:measure and monitor workforce utilization and effectiveness to improve productivity.


GreenByte delivers distinct advantages to our clients in delivering business intelligence solutions. We are recognized across industries as leaders in providing business intelligence (BI) services, and our portfolio of successful industry services and solutions and client transformations is testament to our capabilities.

GreenByte can deliver globally with unmatched reach, expertise, and depth of resources. GreenByte brings together the global expertise, services, software, hardware, research, and partner network to solve the most important and complex information intensive issues for our clients.

GreenByte provides a holistic approach, proven methodologies, dedicated Centers of Excellence and Research, best practices, an extensive partner network, and flexible delivery models for maximum business advantage.