Cloud Computing

Enterprises are having huge concerns on rising costs to maintain their critical datacenter resources. They are looking at a more scalable model that can help perform their business operations in a more robust efficient way at low infrastructure and systems cost. The following key drivers have pushed enterprises to embrace Cloud:

  1. Pay only for what you use
  2. Reduction in infrastructure and infrastructure management needs
  3. Quick implementation of IT services and / or business processes
  4. Provides access to the latest version of applications
  5. Lack of in-house skills to implement and manage

GreenByte Cloud Competency Center is a team of experts providing professional support at every stage of your cloud project  from consulting and cost analysis to development and deployment.

In addition to dozens of successfully completed cloud projects, we have built cloud products to suit the needs of GreenByte’s global development team.GreenByte Private and Community Cloud and GreenByte Cloud Orchestrator. These solutions have been designed to accelerate your SaaS, PaaS or IaaS development and operations.

Managed Cloud Solutions

GreenByte Cloud Competency Center offers an end-to-end delivery of the cloud solutions. The managed cloud solutions allow our customers to focus on running their businesses and leave all technical aspects of the cloud deployment to the professional team of cloud engineers, administrators, and QA specialists.


GreenByte Cloud Competency Center provides services to manage the entire cloud application/product lifecycle:

Architecting for the cloud:

Designing the infrastructure solutions in accordance with your business processes and technical requirements.

Cloud development and testing:

Delivering the secure and reliable cloud solutions using the advanced software development methods, such as DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Support and maintenance:

Monitoring the cloud infrastructure and providing the initial support in case the issues are detected.


Leveraging third-party cloud hosting services or hosting cloud deployments in GreenByte Community Cloud.

Cloud consulting:

Providing expert advice and knowledge sharing at any stage of the project execution.