To maximize your professional services team’s performance, your organization needs clear visibility into team and project performance. GreenByte provides robust dashboards, and reporting and analytical tools that are integrated across all modules to deliver an on-demand, real-time view into your services organization.

GreenByte’s BI Dashboarding & Enterprise Reporting service equips decision-makers with powerful, dynamic information solutions that enable them to create their own reports and dashboards on-the-fly, thereby giving them complete flexibility over their analytical capabilities. Business users can generate new and ad-hoc reports without technical support via end-user-friendly incisive BI dashboards, dynamic BI reporting, disconnected analytics, and mobile dashboards.

As part of this service, our specialists use best-of-breed BI tools to address the reporting needs of organizations across a spectrum of industries with:

  • Self-explanatory interactive reports with a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) snapshot
  • Dashboards for grouping discrete reports
  • Customization services for pre-existing dashboards and reports
  • BI system enhancement services
  • 360° BI evaluation: A comprehensive audit of and recommendations for the health, stability, security, and efficiency of your BI environment, based on best practices and an exhaustive analysis of your BI platform, technology, substance, and licenses

Key Benefits

  • Holistic business view with consistent enterprise-wide reporting and analysis
  • Enhanced corporate answerability
  • Ability to course-correct in time
  • Specific, flexible analytical capabilities with quick-to-deploy Web applications
  • Better business insights with drill-down/drill-thru analyses, mobile dashboarding, and self-service business intelligence capabilities