GreenByte Information Management services help your organization maximize the value of your information assets while addressing your needs for process efficiency, security and regulatory compliance. Information management also focuses on designing and implementing solutions to collect, integrate, analyze and distribute actionable information throughout the enterprise, and helps you to achieve ongoing governance.

These services can assist your enterprise with the establishment of a system of record that provides a single version of the truth and improved data quality. Information Management can also help you automate processes for managing data to drive improved responsiveness, efficiency, quality and reduced costs. Information integration and business intelligence capabilities can help you gain access to the analytical data needed for advanced decision making to provide new business function and process.


  • Implement consistent data definitions that facilitate data reconciliation and improve data quality
  • Eliminate costs and inefficiency associated with paper and manual processes
  • Enable new business functions and processes through enhanced data access
  • Establish governance to maintain data quality
  • Improve business decisions through actionable information
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements
  • Change inefficient and expensive data storage and distribution

Information management services that we offer

Master Data Management- Supports enterprise-wide programs to reconcile and govern key data domains including customers, products and locations that result in the establishment of a system of record that provides a single version of the truth.

Information Integration- Provides services for integrating key applications and databases to optimize the use, analysis and effectiveness of operational and analytical data among different processes. Performs integration initiatives to improve process efficiency, enhance data quality, and enable new processes and analytics.

Portals- Help you to aggregate information and capabilities to provide business functions that drive greater efficiency and responsiveness including search, collaboration, expertise identification and connection to key applications delivered on a variety of devices. We bring together a broad range of Web technologies and practices such as personalization, workflow, content management, SOA integration, Web 2.0, application integration and portlet design and development.

Content Management- Supports the creation, management, processing and delivery of information and content. Full project life cycle services are provided with the crucial expertise required to recommend and implement change across a broad range of key content management technologies.

Business Intelligence- Provides leaders with information for critical business decisions at the point of need by focusing on threat/fraud detection, risk and compliance, operational intelligence, business performance management and workforce productivity.


GreenByte’s industry expertise and global investment in application skills help provide a foundation for leadership in application design, development, implementation and management. Our in-depth understanding of business processes and information technology uniquely qualifies us to work with clients who wish to leverage industry best practices in application lifecycle management while focusing on strategic, core business competencies. As one of the largest providers of consulting, systems integration and application services, GreenByte has unrivaled experience optimizing application investments and aligning them to business requirements.