[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Mainframe Services” alignment=”left” margin_design_tab_text=””]Mainframes will continue to remain the primary and strategic business platform for most organizations in the near future. Collaborate with GreenByte to create a mainframe strategy that will accomplish the following:

  • Address the specific needs of your organization
  • Ensure data and infrastructure security, integrity and confidentiality
  • Increase responsiveness through defined service levels and the flexibility required in changing environments



  • Coping with the non-availability of a local talent base
  • Controlling expenses (reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increasing Return On Investment (ROI))
  • Minimizing carbon footprint (Green IT)
  • Improving and enhancing the existing SLAs
  • Initiating process improvement and the implementation of a common process across data centers and geographies
  • Ensuring security and regulatory compliance
  • Managing complex technology systems


Our Mainframe Services provide four key offerings to our global customer base. These are delivered through our Global Network Delivery Model™ (GNDM™) with global command centers that to cater to all your needs.

  • Mainframe Operations and Production / Batch Job Support
  • Mainframe Engineering Services (Operating Systems, Storage and Database)
  • Mainframe Optimization
  • Mainframe Transformation

Our delivery centers are ISO 27001:2005 certified and follow rigorous audits and standardized practices to address the growing security needs for regulatory compliance.

We co-create Mainframe strategies by leveraging our expertise, tools and processes while ensuring privacy and building flexibility and scalability. Mentioned below are a few highlights of our Mainframe services:

  • Centralized Mainframe Command Center that offers seamless service and maximizes the hours of support
  • Proven and robust transition and deployment methodology
  • Proven Mainframe training and talent creation methodology
  • An ITIL Framework-based delivery approach
  • Access to either a Mainframe exit strategy or a reduction in your Mainframe TCO
  • Best practices enabled by the Mainframe CoE


Reap the following business benefits with GreenByte’ Managed Mainframe Services:

  • Reduced TCOs and improved ROIs
  • Enhanced SLAs, leading to improved infrastructure and application uptimes, which translates into more business and a larger share of profits
  • Process orientation, leading to reduced people dependency and unplanned outages
  • Enhanced response to the business conditions and changes, thereby transforming you into a market leader