Supply Chain Management

GreenByte can improve your company’s competitiveness, your customers satisfaction as well as facilitate collaboration through global business process integration.

In today’s enterprises, supply chain and order management requirements have been rapidly transformed by new business models and technologies. Our supply chain management solutions enable manufacturers and distributors to synchronize and optimize demand and supply, while operating complex value chains where sales and distribution goes through multiple channels and parties.

Our supply chain solutions provide our customers with the flexibility to enhance business models over time, where sales and distribution channels can be integrated or disconnected as needed and process redesign is easily deployed.

GreenByte's SCM Solutions

GreenByte’s seamless and holistic SCM solutions address functional areas across industries

  1. In the Hi-Tech industry, we offer solutions for Global Logistics, Demand Fulfillment and Asset Management, and Maintenance
  2. In Aerospace, we enable Procurement Settlement and Sourcing
  3. In Life Sciences, we provide solutions for Contract Management, Direct Materials and Services Procurement, Indirect Goods and Services Procurement, Procurement Supply Networks, Sourcing and Spend Intelligence
  4. In Consumer Products, we enable Supply Chain Planning and Execution in the areas of Network Design and Simulation, Multi-Enterprise Collaboration Systems, Supply Chain Visibility and Performance, Inventory Optimization, Transportation Management, Warehouse Management

Single or multiple ERP’s

All GreenByte solutions are applicable across a disparate ERP system infrastructure, and likewise can support a single ERP strategy. With a multiple system infrastructure you can benefit from having a common process to join-up each of the local execution systems.

With a single ERP strategy, you can benefit from handling your specifically customized processes outside of the ERP system for more agile and responsive system and process infrastructure.

GreenByte supply chain management solutions allow centralized visibility, planning and collaboration without a painful changeover to one single ERP system. Our SCM software applications are put on the top of one or multiple ERP systems making it possible to have business process spanning across technical and organizational borders. You can expand the business processes outside your own enterprise to include your B2B customers or your suppliers.