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Rapid Application Delivery

Application development overload is real!

With the ever changing 24/7 business environment and the growing complexity of the application environments, getting it done can be overwhelming, if not impossible. Let us help by becoming your IT Strategic partner, bolstering your application development and support while reducing cost, risk and improving your speed in response to market opportunities.

Platform Expertise : FullStack using Java, Python, .NET, React, Node, Angular, JavaScript, LAMP, C/C++, SQL/noSQL, Embedded

Cloud Engineering

The capabilities and breadth of the cloud are enormous and with it comes the challenges. Whether its managing multi-cloud environments, cost containment, security, migration, lack of resources, integration, let us help you navigate and leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Platform Expertise : AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud

Integration 360

Seemless Integration between applications is key for success in today's connected world for businesses, devices or individuals. At GreenByte A2A, B2B and EDI integration are bread and butter. Let us know how we can assist you.

Platform Expertise : IBM, webMethods, Mulesoft, Oracle Fusion, Dell Boomi, iPaaS

Data Analytics

"Data is the new Currency"

If it's just sitting there and collected it has no value!

Data manipulated and analyzed can be your new currency, providing you with powerful and critical insights that will allow you to make sound decisions anywhere and anytime, keeping or exceeding pace in todays competitive marketplace.

Platform Expertise : Bigdata Hadoop, AI & ML, Streaming Data Analytics, Tableau, Power BI, Informatica

Cyber Security

Cybercrime isnt going away?

So, let us help you combat this every growing threat! Our cybersecurity professionals will help you with identifying the risk drivers, managing the risks, preventing a crisis, training or simply managing through a crisis.

Platform Expertise : RSA, Cisco, IBM, Splunk, Palo Alto Networks